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And So It Is…. America

26 Dec

American Classic In N Out!


It seems that wanting something, waiting for something, and anticipating something is something of a bitter sweetness. Like LA for example.

Beyond the rain, how can an American Holiday get any better than this?

My first meal from the Classic Grill -- American Awesomeness

And for once, LA is so cheap! Man, how I have missed these prices!

Hmm... how 'bout a little of it all eh? Oy, I think so.

But the family; how I have missed you more!

The Hudson's and Fercovich's (Eric's Lady Friend's Family)-- Minus half my head.

Look who surprised me in LA -- Mamma!

And Pappa! Who then treated Darren and I to our first American Meal!

And Daisy! The world's best Lab

Often, the saddest thing about living on this adventure is giving up this moment to move into another. That is so bittersweet. I hate looking forward to things so much because they arrive, they play out, they pass. But that is life. And isn’t life so grand!

Seeing the love of my life in a new light?? Hmmm....

See you soon, again, Mamma!!!


Sweat. So Much Sweat.

15 Dec

And it ain’t sweet.

So sweaty. But no towels for the shower.

Ya know… my best friend Becky had it right when she wrote this (click) because I can’t imagine how wonderful it is going to be to have to walk three feet at my parents house and load the clothes in the wash. I am  DRENCHED in sweat from head to toe– lugging all the laundry back and forth and hanging up and taking down and seperating and loading in and shaking out and the list goes on… yowzas, who knew washing clothes could be such a calorie burner!

My Lil' Ol' Laundry Line

In fact laundry takes up so much of my time, I have little time to accessorize the Garage (which is of course our home as well). Below is my Merry Christmas attempt:

Is this too much for the holidays?

Get the washer ready Ma! I’m bringin’ home the dirty!

A Cure All for Homesickness?

10 Dec

In exactly one week, Darren and I will be flying homeward. This is great news. It’s been just under a year and half since I last breathed in that fresh LA air (as it was LA air from whence I came). Ah yes, the smell of all those Jaguars and Bentleys and don’t forget the Aston Martins, just puttin’ away on the I-405. So flash, so fast, so standing still.

Beyond sampling the air quality of L.A, in one week, the food fest also begins because I intend to eat every single thing that this belly, this brain, these elbows and even these toes crave. Because it’s American food. And me oh my, do I miss American food! (ok, seriously, I will showcase some control, but not when it comes to Pumpkin Pie, Burritos, Candy Corn, Texas Trash, and Milkshakes– nice and thick ones).

Does it look like I have a hard time resisting food here? Nah! Sticky Rice with Mango

But what is the cure all for homesickness? When you are feeling down, lonely, alone, and your husband is on the tired and cranky end of playing “girlfriend” with you—due to lack of on hand girlfriends to shoot the breeze.

Answer: Spending Mooooollaaaa!

Example A: The Sydney Opera House

Hanging out before the show = Forgetting homesickness

We didn’t know what we were gonna get into, so we went to Circular Quay. You are always able to find something to do at Circular Quay. If not, you can listen to the entertainers play the Didgeridoo and chuck some change at the fire throwers.

This Saturday night, we decided to buy the last seats in the house for the Sydney Symphony.

Example B: The Australian Open — Golf

This last Sunday, we decided to do something you can only do in Australia, attend the Australian Open!


Geoff Ogilvy

The Champion -- GEOFF OGILVY!!!

The 18th hole

Example 3: Sailing the Sydney Harbour

The last four Saturdays, Darren has been taking sailing lessons so that if we get too homesick, we can just sail away eh?

G'day mate, hows about a cruise on me boat!

Twas a stormy day that one!

Oy. He's a fine hunk a meat mate!

But if you find spending money on things to keep you busy doesn’t work, sometimes it might be best to sit down, grab a cool drink, wrap your arms around someone you love, and watch the sunset. Yes, I think this is the best cure of all.

See you soon Mom!


1 Dec

Being in flux is a hard thing to come easy.

In this seat, I prop my feet up, chuck it off the wall and listen for the change. I wonder about home. I wonder about these walls and what they mean. I wonder if this direction, on this path, is the easy way. Certainly not.

My stomach always feels queasy. Only one way to make it right, and you know that way, which always matters most to me. The things you know. All that is spoken in the silent. And that you are actually listening to that. Well, that’s another calming thing within these walls.

This path: Each walk home my brain rambles so loudly. Does yours do that too? Gets in the way when it’s been a long day and with all that pondering, todays been extra long.

It always seems that finding oneself is much easier ten years from now. I know where I’ve been– looking back at myself in ten years. Isn’t anything possible? All wound up, all wound up.

All wrapped up and in the start. The start of summer today. Today, in these walls, it is raining. But I am  so happy to be here.