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28 Oct

Well well well…. you may have thought I up and forgot about this, but alas, I did not. And I thank you for coming back as well.


Lets move on from A to B in our ABC Sydney journey and jump right into the Blue Mountains… after I play catch up for a sec.

The last few weeks we’ve been busy bees! Having abundant visits from blissful Kiwis . First there was Erin, my Kiwi mate who is an actual Kiwi:

Erin in the sun. Erin glowing in the sun.

Erin in the sun. Erin glowing in the sun.

She may be pasty, but she’s a beaut! Which is another babbling B word. (get the drift eh?).

We had fun, her and I, for two nights and one day. All of which she had Beaver Fever (no not that beaver fever), but bad water from Fiji, which she was just returning from, gave her a bout of stomach pain and that’s all I should say about that. Even after being in Fiji, she remained Untanned. Still Pale. Still Pasty. As you do, when you are a kiwi. I was impressed.

nerds will be nerds.

Skip ahead one week for the arrival of Alan and Claire. Two buttery Brits having a go at the green card of New Zealand. We met them in Dunedin when Alan and I went up against eachother in the ol’ job interview. We both got the job as it goes and we were friends happily ever after!

Me love you. And the Koala too.

So we set off to the Blue Mountains. Which is what this whole post is supposed to be about anyhow. It was a bloody great trip. Full of rain, thunder, and the whole tropical downpour that one might expect when living so close to the equator. It was also full of mist and more mist. And did I mention the mist?

Alan preferred to stand in the rain. And we didn't stop him

It’s only about an hour away from Sydney and on the way you can stop at the Featherdale Wildlife Park (which I HIGHLY recommend). The Blue Mountains were originally inhabited by the Gundungurra people who believe the creation story of the Blue Mountains is that Dreamtime creatures Mirigan and Garangatch who were half fish and half reptiles had an epic battle and along the route of this battle the Jamison Valley was carved out.

This UNESCO World Heritage site felt like I was in the Appalachian Mountains, or in the Kentucky hills. Minus the accents around and all the campervans.

We stayed in Katoomba and because of all the rain, we set out for a tramp in the rain-forest instead of seeing the 3 Sisters.

Yes ladies, he still looks soooo good in a poncho

World's Steepest Railway. Right here. And I took it standing up!


The Blue Mountains also boasts and brags about the Katoomba Scenic Railway, which as the photo states above, if the World’s Steepest Railway. I did fear for my life. Briefly.

I'm not supposed to make fun. But it's two of the three sisters. Naked much?






A Book To Be Written

12 Oct

I have been thinking alot about my friend Merinda. If she were to write a book, it would be hilarious. She is offically OUT of the army! Something to be celebrated in length due to the fact that she was held up in Iraq as a stoploss soldier and she gave about six years of her life and several tours of Iraq to the Army. She would have you in stitches using masterful metaphors and sadistic sarcasm; if she were to write a book.


See. I am always laughing when she is around!



Merinda and Moi


This gets me thinking. What kind of book would I write, if I were to write a book?

Would it be something that makes you say “Ah! Atlast! An Adventuresome Alliteration!” Or, would it be considered a contemptuous cliche? I know for sure it would be full of didactic dialog which uses decadently delirious descriptions and you, my dear mother (because all these posts are really to my mother), would think that I was such clever heteroclite, you would hop on the plane and come tour the whole of Australia with me on my book signing tour.  Or maybe, you would just hop on the plane and we could go to the beach and I could pretend to have accomplished such a feat.

In short, it would be a book about travel. And this is how it would go:

A Couples Guide To Living Abroad and Not Killing One Another


Love. It's everywhere you look for it!



Table of Contents:

1. Saying Goodbye to All you Know and Eating as Much Mexican Food as you
can before you do.

2. On the Plane and With a Plan

3. Is this my new Country? How to Get out of the Airport and Tell the
Cabby where “Home” is

4.This is not According to Plan
A) Screw the Plan
B)Finding a Home
C) No, you don’t need to get that mattress out of the dumpster

5. Bikes, Buses, Cars and Caravans

6.Ok. I should have eaten more Mexican food, but this thing here on my
plate will do too

A)Why Patting yourself on the Back is Ok Even when You’ve only mastered how to order coffee!

B)Bank Accounts and Paying Tax

8. The Language Barrier. It’s what’s really going to get ya!

9. Telling Him to Chill out when it is ME Having the Break Down

10.Telling Her to take a Chill Pill when It’s ME not being Sensitive Enough

11.Weekends. Why you moved Abroad and How they will make it all ok

12. Making Friends the Hard Way. (because there isn’t an easy way when
you’re all grown up and out of place)

13. Suddenly, It all comes into Focus

14. Skype. Gmail. Facebook. Twitter. Myspace. All the things that keep
you connected and why you shouldn’t devote whole weekends to them
because that’s when the timing works best.

15. Finding Work. Getting Paid. Blowing it on souvenirs.

16. Why money, communication and roadside flowers keep the romance alive.

17. Holidays and Hogwarts. Why living abroad makes us feel magical.

18. There is a Sheep on the Road

19. Soundtrack to Life. Your List of Things to Do before you Leave

20. How to Tackle the “when should we head home” questions.

21. How to Tackle the feeling the home that you live in now, is your home, and it’s lovely.

22. Mexican Food while fighting Feisty

23. Having Guests Come to Visit. Why THIS is your chance to see all, do
all, taste all, and Love all!

Whew! If you’ve made it down this far, THANKS! You are true friends and family. If not, well you don’t know I am writing this about you , but you’ve got a short attention span and I am sorry that the post bored you so much that you moved on! Oh well… there are many things to do in life, maybe you have stopped reading this to start your own book? I guess we will never know!


Hello, I will entertain you.


Ms. Blackwood, you’d be proud.

7 Oct
Ms. Blackwood– You rock my World.

Never in a million years are you going to guess what I got into last week. I mean. Never. As you know from my post about meeting my only friend (rehash it here), I have a lot of time on my hands. Well, while looking for jobs I came across this, which is this amazing humungo space where one can get a coffee, look at some art and on Mondays, attend Turbo Trivia night hosted by Portia Turbo. I haven’t been yet, but that might be because I have spent the last week volunteering at the Sydney Children’s Festival!

Yes. I. Adrienne Michael Piersol. Have spent the last week hanging out with kids of all ages. Including this one:

Yes. I helped this girl make that mask. I spent about four hours a day there and it was really fun and very fulfilling. Because the kids are on school holidays (Down Undah speak for vacation), there were loads of them. And they could touch everything, smell, giggle, grab, roll over, fart on, scream at, yank, tugg, grab, and be involved with everything. It was an interactive arts based festival where the kids were the focus.

These plants were my favorite. They would sing to you, or make jungle noises, or sounds like fireflies in the night when you touched them.. gently. Which many kids did not understand how to do.


I would like some of these.


I guess I can admit it… I had fun picking up some of the little ones and watching their faces get squirmy, or press their heads up to the leaves when they heard the sounds.

Another really awesome place for kids was the life-size photo copier. I mean, who doesn’t want to copy themselves like this? My only issue was the boys who put their tongues on it and rubbed boogers on it after they had been copied picking their noses. This, I admit, got to be a bit too much for me.

And as you can see… I had to try too!

Oh yea.. I'm a kid again!I found this girl to be especially cute because she didn’t speak English, but yet when her mom said in Chinese to smile for the camera, she knew exactly how to pose.


I am too cute. Yes?


By the end of the week however, I was done with kids. Sure. It was a new thing for me… being around kids and being so high energy. And ya know what…I had fun and actually think I am good at being imaginative and energetic with them, but then I had to deal with parents. And that Ms. Blackwood took all the fun out of it.

At the end of the week, I was done with parents telling there kids to do the exact opposite of what I was telling them to do (be gentle I said…. punch it hard they would say). I can’t say that I will do it again, but it was awesome for being around Ozzie kids, for being out of the house and on my toes.


Chasing the Dinosaur



Watching the balloons blow up to be blown out



I think this kid has talent


So Ms. Blackwood…. Are you proud?

Oh yea. Then I cut all my hair off!


A new me for a new city.


I love you mom!

When We Let Ourselves Go.

3 Oct

No, I’m not talking about our bodies. I’m talking about our minds. At least, my mind. Being in Australia has opened my curiosity to Aboriginal art. I know I posted about it a while ago (which you can rehash here), but ever since then I have been on fire for painting in this genre.

I am far far far away from decent, but I am having so much fun with it. It’s like I have rediscovered my passion for art. My passion for color, for play, for sitting in quiet.

This is what I have been working on:

Sunrise Sunset


No Name

Well.. off to paint some more….

Thanks for taking a look!

And one for you mom:

Hi Mom.. I love you and miss you!