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My Kitchen Rules

30 Sep

Well mates! Most days I spend a lot of time in quiet. I think to myself, write to myself, draw to myself.. you get the drift. But today was a special day. Now I can say that I have my first Australian friend. Her name is Natalie and this is the view from her house:

Hi I am Natalie. Did you want to hang out on my roof? Why Yes. I do.

The funny thing about her is that she is half Canadian, so when she is talking to me, she speaks with eh’s, aboots, and sometimes even mentions her passion for maple syrup. (ok not really), but she is probably the most famous person in Sydney because she knew so many people we passed by and they seemed baffled about where her “accent” had gone. Well, she said it was on holiday…. to North America. When she kicks it with me she is Canadian. Every other time, she is an Aussie through and through.

Anyhoo, down the street from my house is a very neat venue called Eveleigh Market. Today, My Kitchen Rules ( a popular cooking show in Oz) was filming a food competition! Free entry! Lots of food to sample! Lights, Cameras, Action –Famous cooks of whom I do not know (but Natalie did) and a chance to show off my friend!

I voted for these...even though they needed some salt.

Yum. Organic Beef Sliders!

Natalie and the donut we shared

I didn’t want to tell her that I didn’t want to share a donut! Oy! They are so small and so yummy! I want my own donut. But you know how things go with making friends…. sharing is how we are supposed to get along!

Now these, I did not share. In fact, I went back for seconds. Natalie voted for these.

Yummy Yummy!

Oh Darling.. did you see what spice she was using?..so last year!

I snuck in to take a photo with the famous people. And then they caught me.

Yes hello. You are famous? I do not know who you are.

That is Manu Feildel a French chef and host of My Kitchen Rules on the left and Pete Evans an Australian chef and host of the show on the right. They are handsome. They wear makeup.

It was very odd because there were lots of kids at the event and the camera people would ask them to say the same things over again and again to get it just right for the show. If you watch the show, don’t believe the final countdown to stop serving food. There were at least five takes for that one. But it was super fun and super yummy and even better with a friend!