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St. Peters — A saint in the Brewery

30 Nov

To start, check out this link for some mood settin’ good times.

The last four weeks my beer goggles have been put to good use. To expert use I might say! I’ve been the intern at St. Peters Brewery, which is in the Inner West suburbs of Sydney. Or, for those in the know…. about 20 mins walking from my house. We’ve been simmerin’ spinnin’ sippin’ swishin’ and plain just chillin’ while brewing beer.

What the heck am I doing at a Microbrewery you may ask? Well, changing my life is what! Having Fun! Learning more for Pedals and Pints Brewery in Boulder! Drinking Great Beer! And it’s hard work!

Manly? Yes. Sweaty? Yes. Having fun? Fo Shiz.

I have to wear steel toe boots round the place because you just never know what’s going to happen. Like last week, I put my left leg through the drain hole (which you can see at the right edge of the photo). But I didn’t cry. Nope, my steel boots saved the Ol’ Big Toe.

I knew I was going to be getting dirty and feeling like a wo-MAN (more manly than Womanly) so I did what any sensible lady would do. I painted my shoes!

Steel Toe Boots Before

"80's Remix" and " A walk through the Park"

Needless to say, when I showed up and asked the guys what they thought, they did not let me have a go at their shoes. Infact, they kept their shoes well away from me.

Anyhow. Matt Donelan, the owner of St. Peters Brewery is one patient, knoweldgable, and passionate guy. I owe much to him for giving me his time and ear. A few of his hits are the St. Peters Blonde, Killagh Stout, Green Star, and my personal fav, Cinnamon Girl, which is a cinnamon infused long neck brewski that doesn’t skimp on the cinnamon but doesn’t light your tongue on fire like Big Red.

I ask him too many questions. And he answers all of them with quirk. Everything has a story in his brewery. And I think that’s what makes it all so swell. That and the smell of boiling wort.

Matt doing what all Aussies do. Making the TV antenna into the shape of Australia to watch Cricket!

Grain. Mash Tun. Mashing Fun.

Rewards for working hard

It is truly awesome that I can work at St. Peters, alongside Matt and another talented brewer, Gerard Mears, two days a week. They know that I am a newbie. That I have an idea, that I am setting out on a path, and that they have something to offer. Isn’t that amazing? That they have made time for Lil’ Ol me. Me and my boots!

I think it’s pretty cool. And refreshing.