Winter Festival- lights, camera action

19 Jun

Ok. I am wearing a turtle neck (kickin’ it old school), but it’s short sleeve (is that too old style school)? Winter is here, so now it’s time to bunker down inside, eat lots of chocolate cake and hot chicken and keep warm, right? WRONG. As it was in New Zealand, it is here, the house garage is colder inside than the winter warmth outside. But the winter warmth outside is actually warmer than the New Zealand summers. So, one has to get out!

To help celebrate the winter’s fresh air and crisp warmth (and also the tropical monsoon type rain), Darren and I headed to Circular Quay and The Rocks for Vivid Sydney — a winter festival that lights up everyone’s favorite famous cityscapes.

What could be cooler than seeing your favorite city icons lit up and dancing?

Jelly lights on Circ Quay

Moon Phase Moon Chime

The PHudson Paint Job - Museum of Contemporary Art

The MCA, above, was wicked cool. After a brief que of ten minutes and feeling like the big kid in a line of totts, you were given a minute and half to “paint” the building with splatter, slops, slips of paint blobs. This was our masterpiece. Not to make Darren feel, ahhh, incompetent, but the right side is his and the much more colorful left, is my doing.

To our surprise, the Customs House was our favorite. Watch the video Darren took below, I think you will get the point.


And of course, there was the Opera House (thank you )


And Mom, did you know how much I missed you today? Love you so much!


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