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Internet Down = Watch This Space

3 Jun

It is not only now that I have just realized that it’s been a month PLUS since my last blog post. Many reasons explain the space. But real truth lies in something called a Dongle. Ultimately, it used because there is no internet in my garage house. There is no phone connection, internet connection, Foxtel(cable TV connection). Nothing. Do you get the impression I live in the red centre and am seeking the quintessential simplified and all knowing life? Heck no! I just got an iPhone and can’t call anyone because I got no connection!

Download Speed Nill

See the download speed? It’s not supposed to be stuck at Zero.


I live here, in the buzzing centre of one of the most expensive and cosmopolitan cities in the world. Four million people and growing. With free Wi-Fi (from 9am to 6:30pm weekdays) all around me. And I can’t get a signal. Nadda, except from this thing — which is working oddly enough just for this special post about it not working.

This is a Dead Beat Dongle

So… I will try to get back into it, but please, blame the Dongle….. if you miss me at all that is.


Meanwhile, when I am not blogging in my spare time, I have time for the most delish savoury muffins at one of the locale cafes. Honestly people, you got to come try these. yum yum, and so yummy. Ummm, I am eating one just now…

Nosh Nosh!




Miss you SO much Mom!