Archive | July, 2011

When calm was needed

14 Jul

I can’t get enough of this harmony. Old school remains strong. And so does her hair — how I ask — how!?


mom- Happy heat in Texas. Stay cool and jump in the lake!


Get It back

13 Jul

This song is always good for booty body moving. Brings me back — where does it take you?



Ma, come dance with me, it’s only half as fun when I go solo.

Come Summer — Come Let Go

11 Jul

All that red still sets in. And I haven’t seen much like in all those years. And page turners. This place is fresh. It is so fresh. Australia winter leads to Australian summers, but my friends, the sunshine stays constant and I can’t complain.

Happy summer to you in the Northern Hemisphere. Come visit us when it turns bleak and winter like!


Hey Mom! You will LOVE it here! I hope this entices you just a little bit!