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There’s something beautiful about it

19 Nov

The memorial service for Ryan Woods was held today and though I was not able to attend, my heart and mind were present there — amongst over 1000 people. We were a community, near and far. And there was something so beautiful about it.

Through his blog, videos, and Facebook posts I’ve come to learn a valuable lesson about death and dying. Ryan said it best.

Thank you Ryan, for teaching me to search out and act on something greater in my life than the NOW. That through love, patience, faith, community, I can live a more fulfilling life and I don’t need to be afraid of death – it is part of my story, part of my adventure. And there’s something beautiful about it.

To celebrate Ryan and help my own process of grieving, I made a mix tape, which you can listen to here or via the link below.

It’s called Ryan Woods – You ROCK and ROLL. 

1. Xavier Rudd – Come Let Go 2. Soweto Gospel Choir –                   Amazing Grace   3. Trek – Antfood 4. Band of Horses – The Funeral 5. James Taylor – Fire and Rain 6. Mercy Me – Finally Home 7. Radical Face – Welcome Home  8. David Guetta – When Love takes Over

And with Ryan, love has truly taken over.







I love you mom.