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You were never meant to leave….

27 May

A case of homesick blues is the worst and this ones been sticking around for a few weeks.

Excuse me, but we’ve been…. busy. Since we’ve arrived (and mostly since July 2011) we’ve had Al and Claire, Biggs, Erin, Mom, Lauren, Eric and Jen, Chris and Ray, Stephanie and Merinda and the occasional Aussie bloke sleeping on our “couch”. It’s been… amazing.

But now, all the guests have flown away to other lands and other days and memories to be made and we are here, alone — feeling a bad case of the homesick blues which twists and turns and leaves me topside down. Confused.

But that’s just it. It is ok to feel so alone so far away. And I have found on these days, the best thing to do is rediscover the reasons why I’m not supposed to leave…just yet.

Why I love this city and why I love this life on the lone road surrounded by busy — so many things to discover, many of which I do not yet know how to discover.

And that brings me to the Marble Bar. An unexpected detour catapulting you into another era, pleasantly.  It was an ill timed arrival at the Wine Bar that turned us to the bellows of the basement of the Hilton on George. We stepped from 2012 to 1940 and savoured every sip. Ordered a Charlie Chaplin (or two) and sat back to soak in the ghosts that filled the marble tomb. Oh the conversations that must have been!

“Waddayareckon James, do we live in the Lucky Country or what!”

“On the contrary Hugo, England weren’t within cooee of beating Australia at cricket.”

This must be one of the best bars in Sydney and I’ve only just found you. Please come again (visitors that is, so I can take you to a step back in time. For a little bit of class after the size of swimming costumes at Bondi scar you).

And thus began new reasons why I’m not meant to leave, just yet.

First stop : Marble Bar

Second Stop : Alley in Sydney which pays tribute to lost bird songs (why am I just now seeing this?)

Third Stop : Vivid Sydney (more to follow)

Summary : Best spur of the moment date of 2012.

Wind. Part of the Earth paintings.

Marble My Mind

Where have all the bird songs gone?

Blue Mood Busted


She’s shurre purty, but she’ll bite yer toes and fingers off!

20 Apr

A weekend away. A weekend to the farthest north I’d been in a long time. A weekend at a four 1/2 star resort… sharing a room and a squeezed together twin bed ( to make a patch work king) with three other people. Ahhh.. this is the life. And I’m not sure I would trade it for anything else just yet.

Shoal Bay

About three hours north of Sydney is a sweet little spot that laps longingly up the coast and over your toes. The water is warm, clear enough to see dolphins spin by and at the same time — full of Great White Sharks. Oy. There is always something in Australia that gets ya!

Colombian Love

Carolina and Alvaro (above) are a lovely and adventurous couple who invited us to Shoal Bay along with two other couples (from Colombia, Brazil and a token Korean and two token Americanos). Due to the English barrier (of the Aussies, not the Colombians) we thought what would be a private room for each couple turned into a studio room for four. These are the things that makes adventures adventures. And an adventure is always a wonderful thing to have.

Ok.. this a photo of a photo... but still....

Hiring a boat is always sure to be a good time. And on this particular boat ride, we saw dolphins up close and personal, algae, purrrty water, fish and the sun. But we didn’t get wet because less than a month ago a girl was wake boarding and a Great White got a taste of her. And once they get a taste….. they always come back for more! Hasn’t jaws taught us anything!!

Me Amore

And then there were camels. I should mention that when camels are present on the beach, don’t pick up pebbles to skip across the water. I learned this the hard way. Those are not pebbles.

... a pelican sits on the light and says to the bird nearby.....

Miss you Mamma!!!