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House Hunting in the Big City – might as well be drug dealing

24 Jun

Ok. It’s been a good month of solid Saturday perusing. For a house that is. And my boots aint made for walking anywhere but to the coffee shops on Saturdays, so my feet hurt. The house garage has been a solid state of no-growth. Great for the wallet, as we have no room to purchase and store anything (expect my shoes).

My latest addition to the shoes!

For the time being, you can see our pristine house garage here (flip to the second page, it’s the $360 p/w):

We have enjoyed the house garage and will miss it. But it’s hard to have a good ol’ fashioned fight with each other when there are no doors to slam and no place to go but the other side of the garage, or “upstairs” to the bedroom / living room where you still hear each other breathing and getting on with life. This means we are a pretty peaceful couple. Which is very good now that I think about.

Darren and I have learned is that “neat” and “tidy” “one bedroom” is a clever cover up for twenty year old place with a carpet covering the pissed stained floor. Or, a place that is listed as one bedroom, when really it’s an already furnished STUDIO. Example A – Currently for $285 per week.


Another example is the commonly phrased “Floating Floors”, which makes one think…. well I don’t know really what that makes me think. But this is what you commonly get

… a lot of wood. So much wood. And the floating floors you see, are actually parquet floors from some years ago.

Am I burning myself by posting this prior to getting a house? Probably. But I am American and we do things first and ask questions later.

Darren and I thought we were golden on a house, as we were the first to put in an application on a fully furnished one bedder down the road from our current house. This is the phone call I got this week:

Ring Ring

Me: Hello

Real Estate Agent (we will call her Agnes): Yes. Are you still interested in the one bedder?

Me: Yes Yes. We are really serious about it.
Agnes: Right. Well you are in our Top Four Applicants (oh boy… this sounds great to me) And one applicant offered $20 bucks more per week and another offered six months up front AND matched the $20. Whatta you got mate?

Me: What?

Agnes: Whatta you got? Whatta you want me to tell the owner you can do for the house?”

Me: What? (thinking is this legal?… I swallow my surprise, offer to match the raise in rent but say  “I need to discuss this with my husband before I commit”

Agnes: No time mate, I am just sending out the options to the owner.

Me: I should really discuss this with my husband.

Agnes: Fine. Click…..

I call back five minutes later to confirm

Me: Hi it’s Adi calling you back. Ok. Well we can match it.

Agnes: Who are you again?

I call later that day to find out the six month upfronter got it because he/she has 12 Gs in the spare pocket.

And I spend the rest of the day looking like this:

Hot and Bothered

So you see… the Sydney housing market is like the drug market, or maybe just like the used car salesmen market. You have to wheel and deel and schpeel and reeel (the last one only when you don’t get it).

Wish us luck because it’s Friday afternoon as I am writing this and Saturday is just around the corner……

Any Advice mamma?