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She’s shurre purty, but she’ll bite yer toes and fingers off!

20 Apr

A weekend away. A weekend to the farthest north I’d been in a long time. A weekend at a four 1/2 star resort… sharing a room and a squeezed together twin bed ( to make a patch work king) with three other people. Ahhh.. this is the life. And I’m not sure I would trade it for anything else just yet.

Shoal Bay

About three hours north of Sydney is a sweet little spot that laps longingly up the coast and over your toes. The water is warm, clear enough to see dolphins spin by and at the same time — full of Great White Sharks. Oy. There is always something in Australia that gets ya!

Colombian Love

Carolina and Alvaro (above) are a lovely and adventurous couple who invited us to Shoal Bay along with two other couples (from Colombia, Brazil and a token Korean and two token Americanos). Due to the English barrier (of the Aussies, not the Colombians) we thought what would be a private room for each couple turned into a studio room for four. These are the things that makes adventures adventures. And an adventure is always a wonderful thing to have.

Ok.. this a photo of a photo... but still....

Hiring a boat is always sure to be a good time. And on this particular boat ride, we saw dolphins up close and personal, algae, purrrty water, fish and the sun. But we didn’t get wet because less than a month ago a girl was wake boarding and a Great White got a taste of her. And once they get a taste….. they always come back for more! Hasn’t jaws taught us anything!!

Me Amore

And then there were camels. I should mention that when camels are present on the beach, don’t pick up pebbles to skip across the water. I learned this the hard way. Those are not pebbles.

... a pelican sits on the light and says to the bird nearby.....

Miss you Mamma!!!