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We have to be Fabulous.. Most of the time

3 Mar

Because… why not?

Make plans. Make them BIG. FEEL BIG ABOUT SOMETHING BIG. And if you need to sleep in the next day, that’s cool. Do it. Allow yourself The Quiet, so that you can prepare for The Big. And then go big.

And be fabulous. Don’t be mean. Don’t be a dick. Don’t be doing things that would make you upset or anxious. Be everything opposite of upset and anxious … to others at the minimum. It’s ok to be upset, if we are being honest. But try not to remain in this state too long. Tell yourself, “Self, you are allowed to feel (anxious, upset, sad, mad blah blah blah) for XX amount of time. After XX amount of time, self is gonna get over it!” And do that. Follow your own plan. Keep moving forward in to fabulous.

Anxiety and upset are feelings that come and go, but don’t make others upset or anxious … if it can be avoided. Sometimes, you have to end things with people who feel strongly about not wanting things to end. This is a time when, well, you’re going to make someone upset. So be nice. Just be nice. Don’t ghost. Don’t lie. Don’t cheat. Lord, don’t cheat. Just be nice.

Always take your trash out of the car when you exit. Take a few seconds to collect the straw wrapper, the empty coffee cup. Don’t forget the papers in the back. They are easier to pick up now rather than when they have foot prints and earth dust on them. Plus, no one wants cockroaches. That reminds me… don’t forget to turn the dish washer on. Look at you. Already you are being a fabulous person.

I feel like you’re doing awesome BIG things already. Don’t be like the kid in this song… he/she is selfish. However, they are being fabulous whilst being a bit eh-ish. So, listen to the beat, get ready, go get it!


Should everything *Not go according to plan

2 Mar

Trust that eventually it will. And you will appreciate the outcome even more so.


Just breath. Relax. One foot in front of the other until the entire view comes in to the mind.



now relax!