And So It Is…. America

26 Dec

American Classic In N Out!


It seems that wanting something, waiting for something, and anticipating something is something of a bitter sweetness. Like LA for example.

Beyond the rain, how can an American Holiday get any better than this?

My first meal from the Classic Grill -- American Awesomeness

And for once, LA is so cheap! Man, how I have missed these prices!

Hmm... how 'bout a little of it all eh? Oy, I think so.

But the family; how I have missed you more!

The Hudson's and Fercovich's (Eric's Lady Friend's Family)-- Minus half my head.

Look who surprised me in LA -- Mamma!

And Pappa! Who then treated Darren and I to our first American Meal!

And Daisy! The world's best Lab

Often, the saddest thing about living on this adventure is giving up this moment to move into another. That is so bittersweet. I hate looking forward to things so much because they arrive, they play out, they pass. But that is life. And isn’t life so grand!

Seeing the love of my life in a new light?? Hmmm....

See you soon, again, Mamma!!!


One Response to “And So It Is…. America”

  1. becky December 30, 2010 at 7:49 am #

    Who is that little girl? So cute. 🙂
    I can’t wait to see you in WA! So soon my friend. So soon.


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