1 Dec

Being in flux is a hard thing to come easy.

In this seat, I prop my feet up, chuck it off the wall and listen for the change. I wonder about home. I wonder about these walls and what they mean. I wonder if this direction, on this path, is the easy way. Certainly not.

My stomach always feels queasy. Only one way to make it right, and you know that way, which always matters most to me. The things you know. All that is spoken in the silent. And that you are actually listening to that. Well, that’s another calming thing within these walls.

This path: Each walk home my brain rambles so loudly. Does yours do that too? Gets in the way when it’s been a long day and with all that pondering, todays been extra long.

It always seems that finding oneself is much easier ten years from now. I know where I’ve been– looking back at myself in ten years. Isn’t anything possible? All wound up, all wound up.

All wrapped up and in the start. The start of summer today. Today, in these walls, it is raining. But I am  so happy to be here.


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  1. Vonda Piersol December 1, 2010 at 4:17 pm #


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