She’s shurre purty, but she’ll bite yer toes and fingers off!

20 Apr

A weekend away. A weekend to the farthest north I’d been in a long time. A weekend at a four 1/2 star resort… sharing a room and a squeezed together twin bed ( to make a patch work king) with three other people. Ahhh.. this is the life. And I’m not sure I would trade it for anything else just yet.

Shoal Bay

About three hours north of Sydney is a sweet little spot that laps longingly up the coast and over your toes. The water is warm, clear enough to see dolphins spin by and at the same time — full of Great White Sharks. Oy. There is always something in Australia that gets ya!

Colombian Love

Carolina and Alvaro (above) are a lovely and adventurous couple who invited us to Shoal Bay along with two other couples (from Colombia, Brazil and a token Korean and two token Americanos). Due to the English barrier (of the Aussies, not the Colombians) we thought what would be a private room for each couple turned into a studio room for four. These are the things that makes adventures adventures. And an adventure is always a wonderful thing to have.

Ok.. this a photo of a photo... but still....

Hiring a boat is always sure to be a good time. And on this particular boat ride, we saw dolphins up close and personal, algae, purrrty water, fish and the sun. But we didn’t get wet because less than a month ago a girl was wake boarding and a Great White got a taste of her. And once they get a taste….. they always come back for more! Hasn’t jaws taught us anything!!

Me Amore

And then there were camels. I should mention that when camels are present on the beach, don’t pick up pebbles to skip across the water. I learned this the hard way. Those are not pebbles.

... a pelican sits on the light and says to the bird nearby.....

Miss you Mamma!!!


One Response to “She’s shurre purty, but she’ll bite yer toes and fingers off!”

  1. Vonda Piersol April 20, 2011 at 1:07 pm #

    Way back in Vancouver Washington, we are still fighting winter with white on the deck all night long… It was sleet. But they are getting snow still up a little higher. Stepping up putting it in full gear, packing and deciding what I can keep. Garage Sale end of April and who knows if I can sell enough maybe I can afford to take my worldly possessions too. I miss you and am glad you have these adventures so you can write these lovely, funny, and quirky little excerpts of your life and I can enjoy them too.

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