Those things that go bump in the night

15 Mar

I am having a hard time not thinking about the earthquake in Christchurch and Japan and also the horrific tsunami and nuclear melt down.

The way the internet is. It is so constant and in your face. There is no where to go but to the pages and videos and blogs and tweets and facebook updates and news stories that detail the disaster. My heart is sad and my mind is heavy.

I am not one to post such intimate feelings on my blog, but I can not escape how this moment in mind, as well as the next moment and the moments since the middle of February have been. Sad for those who suffer from loss. Sad for those who suffer from no where to live.

It is important that we grieve and that we remember. But how do you grieve the loss of life and homes and memories and sense of self of the people you have never met. Never seen. Never will.

If it comforts you at all, know that my prayers and thoughts wake up to you and fall asleep with you. And life goes on.. .


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