Hmm… I guess this is getting Amongst it!

12 Nov

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I’m sitting here thinking, hmm… when is the last time that I just sat here thinkin hmmm?Actually, it’s been some time (i mean really, only a week or two, but you get the point). Last weekend Darren and I really got in to it.

Friday: Drinks and appetizers at the American Club with the American Society. All hoity and toity with this view of the harbour ( I so just spelled it that way on purpose). The Society people were really nice, the club staff were pretty snobbish. The American sounding people… music to my ears!

Saturday I met up with my first ever friend from Macedonia. And I avoided talking about Macedonia because quite honestly, I don’t know anything about Macedonia other than I get it mixed up with Mesopotamia. Yes. I know that they are located miles and miles apart with centuries and centuries of time. I got schooled here and here and now when we meet, I don’t have to be rude to my friend from Macedonia and can make friendly inquiries about Mesopotamia… oh, I mean Macedonia.

Sunday: Met up with friend and hubby from this post and had this kind of food and got sick shortly after. Sunday night: Hung out with our new Colombian friends Carolina and Alvaro at the ARIA Awards (Australian Music Awards) at the Opera House and had opportunities to rock it like rock stars!

Yea, thought you might want my autograph!

Don't you know who I am! Shizzammm!

They pulled out the “red carpet”, let the limos pull up, drop off those oh so glamorous Australian stars, and a whole bunch of people I had never heard of walked on by. I felt very LA, only it was Sydney, and people were dressed up in their jeans, and yes they try hard but it just doesn’t compare to our awards shows.

They brought out the bright lights for the crowd! Ooohh Ahhhh!

A cruise ship narrowly passes under the Harbour Bridge. Perhaps to bring in the Stars??

the love of my life lets me steal one more photo with him

And on Monday.. it was back to work. For two days. Because I only work two days…. sort of, but that’s for the next blog eh?


One Response to “Hmm… I guess this is getting Amongst it!”

  1. Vonda Piersol November 13, 2010 at 4:19 am #

    I just commented on another day please forgive me for not seeing these new posts. U are so talented!

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