Sure you’re cute. But are you going to bite my fingers off!?

4 Nov

Another soundtrack for those who really want to get amongst it while reading this post.

There are many things that creep and crawl and slither around in the night in these parts. Just today I learned about some fearsome fishes and friendly but fanged creatures that live, either near my house, or in the water that I will be swimming this summer. I also learned about the fly below that will suck my blood. All of it, I am sure, if I am not diligent with the citronella candle that I am on my way out to purchase after posting this.

This one may have a hard time just being the Fly on the Wall.

But, among all those other deadly things  (including the 190 species of snakes here which further include 25 of the most venomousness snakes in the world: Read YIKES!), there are some pretty adorable creatures I’m not sure I could stay mad at if they did bite my fingers off! This is one of them. A wallaby named Gertrude:

Me. Smell. Food. Me. Like. Youuuuu.

And a kangaroo named Fred:

yes... he has me eating him up out of the palm of my hand... or something like that!

And then there was the next level of cuteness, the Koalas! They sleep on average about 20 hours a day because the Eucalyptus Tree is loaded with fiber, but not protein. So, you would probably sleep that much too if you weren’t getting enough meat in your system!

Darren almost took this lil' guy home!

The koala above is just ten months old and he didn’t seem to mind Darren refusing to let go of him. I just love seeing Darren’s soft side and I might need to get me one of these for the house, so I can see that side more!

Don't mind me while you nap.

And then there was the “Attack of the Birds!” See, you could buy these icecream cones for a buck that were filled with seeds and grass and what not. The problem was the Emu. Who knew what you had. Wanted what you had. And would harrass you until you gave it away. But I am not an Emu girl and I was freaked out by the way it cornered me and then reared back to strike at my cone. The Culprit:

You can't run from me!

The Fear:

Oh no! This thing has me cornered!

And now you can see how far it bends it neck back before it STRIKES!

This is the brave Alan. He still has all 10 fingers.

Another native Australian bird that is endangered and quite prehistoric looking is the Cassowary.

It seemed pretty calm and didn’t really move that much; until I put my hand through the fence and gave it a nice pat on the behind. Then it gave me this look and I got the point:

"Can I help you?"

Yes, we had a terrific time at Featherdale Wildlife Park. I must admit, I thought it would be hokey and the animals would be in poor shape. To my pleasant surprise, they were free to roam around, getting fat by feeding tourists and seemed to be quite jolly. When you folks come out this way, I will gladly go back. But watch out for your fingers, there’s wild beasts about!!

"Can I help ya! Geesh, I'm in the middle of chewin!"


3 Responses to “Sure you’re cute. But are you going to bite my fingers off!?”

  1. Becky Sullivan November 5, 2010 at 2:54 pm #

    Those animals are seriously impressive! I would have been scared of the giant bird too.

  2. Lauren November 6, 2010 at 2:08 am #

    Adrienne I loved this post you are so funny with your interactions of the animals and their pictures and your story. I was very much entertained and I will most definitely go there with you guys!

  3. Jill November 8, 2010 at 9:14 pm #

    If you do ever lose any of your fingers whilst exploring all these exotics, just please promise us that you will find alternate ways of continuing this blog! One handed, or single fingered, or pecking with pencil in mouth……….it must go on!!! Love you and your blog! xoxo

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