28 Oct

Well well well…. you may have thought I up and forgot about this, but alas, I did not. And I thank you for coming back as well.


Lets move on from A to B in our ABC Sydney journey and jump right into the Blue Mountains… after I play catch up for a sec.

The last few weeks we’ve been busy bees! Having abundant visits from blissful Kiwis . First there was Erin, my Kiwi mate who is an actual Kiwi:

Erin in the sun. Erin glowing in the sun.

Erin in the sun. Erin glowing in the sun.

She may be pasty, but she’s a beaut! Which is another babbling B word. (get the drift eh?).

We had fun, her and I, for two nights and one day. All of which she had Beaver Fever (no not that beaver fever), but bad water from Fiji, which she was just returning from, gave her a bout of stomach pain and that’s all I should say about that. Even after being in Fiji, she remained Untanned. Still Pale. Still Pasty. As you do, when you are a kiwi. I was impressed.

nerds will be nerds.

Skip ahead one week for the arrival of Alan and Claire. Two buttery Brits having a go at the green card of New Zealand. We met them in Dunedin when Alan and I went up against eachother in the ol’ job interview. We both got the job as it goes and we were friends happily ever after!

Me love you. And the Koala too.

So we set off to the Blue Mountains. Which is what this whole post is supposed to be about anyhow. It was a bloody great trip. Full of rain, thunder, and the whole tropical downpour that one might expect when living so close to the equator. It was also full of mist and more mist. And did I mention the mist?

Alan preferred to stand in the rain. And we didn't stop him

It’s only about an hour away from Sydney and on the way you can stop at the Featherdale Wildlife Park (which I HIGHLY recommend). The Blue Mountains were originally inhabited by the Gundungurra people who believe the creation story of the Blue Mountains is that Dreamtime creatures Mirigan and Garangatch who were half fish and half reptiles had an epic battle and along the route of this battle the Jamison Valley was carved out.

This UNESCO World Heritage site felt like I was in the Appalachian Mountains, or in the Kentucky hills. Minus the accents around and all the campervans.

We stayed in Katoomba and because of all the rain, we set out for a tramp in the rain-forest instead of seeing the 3 Sisters.

Yes ladies, he still looks soooo good in a poncho

World's Steepest Railway. Right here. And I took it standing up!


The Blue Mountains also boasts and brags about the Katoomba Scenic Railway, which as the photo states above, if the World’s Steepest Railway. I did fear for my life. Briefly.

I'm not supposed to make fun. But it's two of the three sisters. Naked much?






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  1. Jill October 28, 2010 at 7:05 pm #

    So glad to see you back! Erin may not be so happy……after advertising her “Beaver Fever” experience for all to see! LOL! Fun, as always, to hear of your adventures in Kiwi Land! Keep em comin’! xoxo Jill

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