I will be chasing the Starlight.

24 Sep

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Every day I wake up its like my life is electric. I feel very alive here, in Sydney, with my husband by my side. It’s different from New Zealand in that I feel like the possibilities are endless for what one can do during the day.

In New Zealand, this would have overwhelmed me– having an entire day to myself. But now that Darren and I have been on our own for sometime now (over a year! Yowzas that went fast), I find myself more confident in solo adventures. I don’t really have a choice though — I lack friends here.  But I am used to that and accepting that it takes time to form bonds with people. Still. I miss my friends in the States and my mates in New Zealand. These are some of my mates:

Doesn't she just ooze cool? Erin Daly

Ali (left) and Nikki (right) equal one whole person (my size) when you put them on top of eachother!

Alan and Claire. Transplants from the UK. But I still can't understand what they are saying. But they seem cool, no?

And this one here, well she is a friend from Down Under AND from the States! How lucky am I that she is so close wherever I go eh?


It’s sunny most of the time here and the people don’t seem to notice me all that much. Which means, I once again feel like I fit in.It was hard in Dunedin. I was so obviously American. And they were so obviously Kiwi.  This was ok because well, there is nothing I can do about it. But I got to say, it’s calming to order a cuppa here and not have people mention that I am not from ’round these parts.

Today I went visited Art on King and purchased a new canvas and some painting supplies. Then I spent about six hours hunched over and in the thick of it. How cool is that. I did that all day, then I went for a walk, read a few pages from my book and now it’s the weekend.

I don’t know how long this will last, but man, life is good


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