My own Nanga Mai

15 Sep

So, after writing about Dreamtime, I had my own go at creativity with the new acrylic paint my husband bought for me. This is the outcome of my exploration yesterday. As you can see, I was very influenced by the Aboriginal work that I wrote about here.

Mid Way

Taking my time with dots

If I could only hold it straight

I used paints from Atelier Interactive, which if you enjoy using Acrylic paints, you may want to check out. They are revolutionary (so they say) for wet-on-wet use. They don’t dry as fast as other paints or form a “skin” on top that can work its nasty self into your art, so you can really take your time while painting. But who am I kidding, I’m not at any kind of level where I need to worry about my technique. Maybe next time eh?


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