I think that I’m bigger than the sound

7 Sep

There is something intoxicating about the sunny Sydney skyline. My garage home is perched so perfectly among the overhanging trees, which are drenched in sun most days. A good dose of Vitamin D can take you from feeling unsure and immobile to seizing the day and changing the world.

Well, maybe a reallly good dose of Vitamin D can make you feel like you can change the world. But the point is, I just can’t get enough of the Sydney Sunshine and I think more clearly about where I am in life, when the sun is on my back.

Sydney brings with it amazing opportunities for work. Darren has started his job and so I have many quiet hours in the day to reflect. However, I just don’t know what to do! I don’t know where to start! But like the song suggest, sometimes I think that I’m bigger than the sound. Which means, I am bigger than one job, one career, one path. My mind, my thoughts, my emotions, don’t have to be summed up in one nine to five.

With big risks come big rewards.

Nothing is a failure if you change the way your mind views the moment. What does this mean? That I am going to get an espresso, sit and read my book, and not stress about what I am “supposed” to be doing. One more day of sunshine awaits……

From the Harbour Bridge

Sunshine on my lover's back


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