We have to be Fabulous.. Most of the time

3 Mar

Because… why not?

Make plans. Make them BIG. FEEL BIG ABOUT SOMETHING BIG. And if you need to sleep in the next day, that’s cool. Do it. Allow yourself The Quiet, so that you can prepare for The Big. And then go big.

And be fabulous. Don’t be mean. Don’t be a dick. Don’t be doing things that would make you upset or anxious. Be everything opposite of upset and anxious … to others at the minimum. It’s ok to be upset, if we are being honest. But try not to remain in this state too long. Tell yourself, “Self, you are allowed to feel (anxious, upset, sad, mad blah blah blah) for XX amount of time. After XX amount of time, self is gonna get over it!” And do that. Follow your own plan. Keep moving forward in to fabulous.

Anxiety and upset are feelings that come and go, but don’t make others upset or anxious … if it can be avoided. Sometimes, you have to end things with people who feel strongly about not wanting things to end. This is a time when, well, you’re going to make someone upset. So be nice. Just be nice. Don’t ghost. Don’t lie. Don’t cheat. Lord, don’t cheat. Just be nice.

Always take your trash out of the car when you exit. Take a few seconds to collect the straw wrapper, the empty coffee cup. Don’t forget the papers in the back. They are easier to pick up now rather than when they have foot prints and earth dust on them. Plus, no one wants cockroaches. That reminds me… don’t forget to turn the dish washer on. Look at you. Already you are being a fabulous person.

I feel like you’re doing awesome BIG things already. Don’t be like the kid in this song… he/she is selfish. However, they are being fabulous whilst being a bit eh-ish. So, listen to the beat, get ready, go get it!


Should everything *Not go according to plan

2 Mar

Trust that eventually it will. And you will appreciate the outcome even more so.


Just breath. Relax. One foot in front of the other until the entire view comes in to the mind.



now relax!


Well you can change your life… just takes time

29 Feb

29 February 2016…. already!? But I am only now just sitting down with my thoughts on it being 2016. First of March is in 2 hours and 20 mins from writing this. In 2hrs and 20 mins it will be day 1 of my 30 day challenge.

30 days. Thirty Days. Thirdy Dayz of challenge.

First challenge: To swim in the ocean every day.

Photos coming soon. Figuring out the purpose commencing now.


here we go….

There’s something beautiful about it

19 Nov

The memorial service for Ryan Woods was held today and though I was not able to attend, my heart and mind were present there — amongst over 1000 people. We were a community, near and far. And there was something so beautiful about it.

Through his blog, videos, and Facebook posts I’ve come to learn a valuable lesson about death and dying. Ryan said it best.

Thank you Ryan, for teaching me to search out and act on something greater in my life than the NOW. That through love, patience, faith, community, I can live a more fulfilling life and I don’t need to be afraid of death – it is part of my story, part of my adventure. And there’s something beautiful about it.

To celebrate Ryan and help my own process of grieving, I made a mix tape, which you can listen to here or via the link below.

It’s called Ryan Woods – You ROCK and ROLL. 

1. Xavier Rudd – Come Let Go 2. Soweto Gospel Choir –                   Amazing Grace   3. Trek – Antfood 4. Band of Horses – The Funeral 5. James Taylor – Fire and Rain 6. Mercy Me – Finally Home 7. Radical Face – Welcome Home  8. David Guetta – When Love takes Over

And with Ryan, love has truly taken over.







I love you mom.

Oxybenzone, Nanoparticles, Ethyparaban, whatchamacallit, and the Kitchen Sink

3 Nov

Oxybenzone, Nanoparticles, Ethyparaban, whatchamacallit, and the Kitchen Sink.

Oxybenzone, Nanoparticles, Ethyparaban, whatchamacallit, and the Kitchen Sink

3 Nov

Maybe because I am in my late 20s I’ve been pondering the big things I should be getting on to. By now, I figure, is the age when I should get into things I truly believe and have genuine interest in. This means I no longer will keep trying Green Tea when people offer it to me as I am 120% sure it will always taste like fish food — no matter the brand/freshness/price/yadda yadda. I also know that I’m not fond of the semillion varietal of vino, people who don’t have a strong ‘Goodbye’ on the phone, overly hipster breakfast joints and running. I enjoy the odd jog, but walking and looking/stopping/smelling/and conversing with others who are trying to enjoy their run is so much more fun (I know I get in the way of your run, but wasn’t that such a lovely conversation we just had?).

It’s now the 3rd of November 2012 and just about as good a time as any to sort myself out for the new year. I’ve only every done a few New Year Rezohs, but each time I have set a goal on the NY, I’ve stuck to it pretty well, so that’s a good thing eh!

For 2013 I’m going to get in touch with chemicals. All of them – from hair products to eye cream to cleaning products and heck, even to feminine products. All of these things I’m going to scrutinize and find out if there is a 1) a healthier option and 2) a way I can make it myself.

In 2013. I am going to be pretty busy finding out what these long words starting with enzo, izo, poly, shizaz, mojaz, hiraz paraben business is about. And I’ll try to blog about it along the way.

If you have any advice… pleasseee let me know. I’ve started using organic and paraben free products a long time ago, but it is sneaky — these potentially pesty chemicals and I have much to learn.

For example, I love my Neutrogena Ultimate Sport Sunblock Lotion because it’s not greasy and stays on while I’m splashing around in the waves. It is also important for me to always have something on hand as I live in an extremely sunny climate (awesome yes) but also in an area where the ozone is thin.


However, according to EWG Skin Deep, a website that allows you to search for products and break down the ingredients so you know what you are using, this sunscreen scored a 5 (medium risk) because among other chemicals like parabens galore it contains 5% Oxybenzone which has been scientifically proven to have an effect on “Developmental/reproductive toxicity, Endocrine disruption, Allergies/immunotoxicity, Persistence and bioaccumulation, Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive), Enhanced skin absorption, Biochemical or cellular level changes!”

Yikes! I don’t want to toxify my organs more than they already are (Thai food will do it to ya) so if I stick with Neutrogena I might go instead with the Pure and Free SPF 50, which scored a lower risk of 3 but also has some nasty stuff in there.

However, if I really wanted to go the extra mile — and I think I will for this — I might consider making my own sunscreen using this recipe or this recipe from a fellow blogista. I’ll let you know how it goes….

And with that, I am dumping out this semillion and going for the good stuff — Gelato! And two scoops please!


I LOVE YOU MAMMA!!! You are gorgeous!



** Edit – I could also purchase an organic and safe SPF from Whole Foods/Pharmaca etc, but the going price for 8oz of this product alone is $40! Plus, I don’t live in the States, I live here, so sunscreen here is normally double the price. To minimize the cost, I will make my own and hopefully offset it by going in with a friend. This means hanging out with friends, saving money and being healthy all in one go. This new years rezo is looking good already.

You were never meant to leave….

27 May

A case of homesick blues is the worst and this ones been sticking around for a few weeks.

Excuse me, but we’ve been…. busy. Since we’ve arrived (and mostly since July 2011) we’ve had Al and Claire, Biggs, Erin, Mom, Lauren, Eric and Jen, Chris and Ray, Stephanie and Merinda and the occasional Aussie bloke sleeping on our “couch”. It’s been… amazing.

But now, all the guests have flown away to other lands and other days and memories to be made and we are here, alone — feeling a bad case of the homesick blues which twists and turns and leaves me topside down. Confused.

But that’s just it. It is ok to feel so alone so far away. And I have found on these days, the best thing to do is rediscover the reasons why I’m not supposed to leave…just yet.

Why I love this city and why I love this life on the lone road surrounded by busy — so many things to discover, many of which I do not yet know how to discover.

And that brings me to the Marble Bar. An unexpected detour catapulting you into another era, pleasantly.  It was an ill timed arrival at the Wine Bar that turned us to the bellows of the basement of the Hilton on George. We stepped from 2012 to 1940 and savoured every sip. Ordered a Charlie Chaplin (or two) and sat back to soak in the ghosts that filled the marble tomb. Oh the conversations that must have been!

“Waddayareckon James, do we live in the Lucky Country or what!”

“On the contrary Hugo, England weren’t within cooee of beating Australia at cricket.”

This must be one of the best bars in Sydney and I’ve only just found you. Please come again (visitors that is, so I can take you to a step back in time. For a little bit of class after the size of swimming costumes at Bondi scar you).

And thus began new reasons why I’m not meant to leave, just yet.

First stop : Marble Bar

Second Stop : Alley in Sydney which pays tribute to lost bird songs (why am I just now seeing this?)

Third Stop : Vivid Sydney (more to follow)

Summary : Best spur of the moment date of 2012.

Wind. Part of the Earth paintings.

Marble My Mind

Where have all the bird songs gone?

Blue Mood Busted

reasons to not

11 May

What is lost that need never be found?

Something to show, invisible as it likely is. The glow in the pocket that beats in rhyme. I can see it’s value, though it not weigh much at all.

It is

incredibly heavy with truth. And it sets me free.

When calm was needed

14 Jul

I can’t get enough of this harmony. Old school remains strong. And so does her hair — how I ask — how!?


mom- Happy heat in Texas. Stay cool and jump in the lake!

Get It back

13 Jul

This song is always good for booty body moving. Brings me back — where does it take you?



Ma, come dance with me, it’s only half as fun when I go solo.